We are Auvenir

And we’re on a mission to help build a better engagement experience for accounting firms and their clients.

About Auvenir

From our inception in 2016, we’ve been focused on how best to apply new technologies to help small and medium sized accounting firms provide a more efficient and technology-driven engagement experience for their clients.

As a Deloitte venture, we benefit from the agility of a start-up culture while leveraging world-class professional services and technology expertise. For more information about Deloitte visit their website.

If you stand out, you'll fit in with us.

We're a team of thinkers and creators building great products with amazing technology.

Our team is driven by a strong sense of curiosity and creativity. We take a collaborative approach to everything we do.

Our Team

Adnan Alam
Adnan Alam Developer
Alex McCooeye
Alex McCooeye Developer
Allicia Martin
Allicia Martin Operations Manager
Alona Sharchel
Alona Sharchel Technical Business Systems Analyst
Anish Edison Manohar
Anish Edison Manohar Senior Dev Ops Engineer
Chris Ristovski
Chris Ristovski Technical Business Systems Analyst
Chris Thatcher
Chris Thatcher Chairperson
Cyrille Mfoula
Cyrille Mfoula Quality Assurance Manager
Dolly Bolla
Dolly Bolla Project Manager
Eric Barsky
Eric Barsky Product Manager
Guru Sohal
Guru Sohal Director of Engineering
 Haaris Mian
Haaris Mian Technical Project Manager

 Hema Vishwanath
Hema Vishwanath Technical Business Systems Analyst
James Chen
James Chen Senior Database Engineer
Jannit Luu
Jannit Luu Project Coordinator
Jillian Vardy
Jillian Vardy Design Lead
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee Product Designer
Junming Zhang
Junming Zhang Security Lead
Louise McCulloch
Louise McCulloch Marketing Manager
Malik Datardina
Malik Datardina GRC Strategist
Michael Mastroianni
Michael Mastroianni Product Manager
Neeraj Sharma
Neeraj Sharma Chief Product and Marketing Officer
Patrick McNeill
Patrick McNeill Customer Success Lead
Pei Huang
Pei Huang Senior Product Manager
Pete Myers
Pete Myers Chief Executive Officer
Raquel Macdonald
Raquel Macdonald Office Manager
Shammy Singh
Shammy Singh Project Manager
Tim Parker
Tim Parker Chief Technology Officer
Yvonne Zhang
Yvonne Zhang Development Lead


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