Fast, high-quality, and efficient

Auvenir - born on the cloud and designed for smaller firms. You can simplify and streamline the audit, review, compilation and preparation process to deliver an enhanced client experience. 

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An end-to-end financial audit platform

When you compare what’s on the market, Auvenir gives you and your team a faster, higher-quality, and more efficient audit experience.

Finally, you can take your engagements from start to completion in a single intuitive solution.

Simply log in and get started.

The simplest way to complete your engagements

Auvenir is so easy and intuitive that you will be up and running in no time. 

Our simple-to-use, visual platform lets the freshest team members
login and get started.

Now, you can organize, track, and execute all of your team’s engagements in a single place.

Integrated accounting standards

Get the “right” content the moment you need it

Never sift through long, tedious checklists and documents again. Auvenir integrates tailored questions right in the platform to ensure you get the right content for your engagement, the moment you need it.

Features & Pricing
Integrated accounting standards

Dynamic data persistence

Eliminate repetitive data-entry and focus on what matters

Auvenir’s intelligent data persistence streamlines your entire engagement workflow by eliminating needless repetition to help you deliver a higher quality engagement.

Relevant data is automatically pre-populated throughout the file so you’ll never have to enter the same information twice.

  • Spend less time on data entry and more time on growing your business
  • Enter information once and see it updated throughout your engagement
  • Materiality calculator and summary views are always accessible, up to date and in context
Features & Pricing
Dynamic data persistence

Bank-grade security

A fully secure workflow you can trust

At their core all audits, reviews, and compilations come down to trust - trust in the content, trust in the data, and trust in your team’s ability to complete the engagement. After all, your reputation is on the line.

This trust also extends to the platforms your team relies on.  And keeping your and your clients information secure is non-negotiable.

  • Microsoft multi-factor authentication enabled
  • Microsoft Azure Data Encryption
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliant
  • Industry-leading user permission matrix
Features & Pricing
Bank-grade security

Client collaboration portal

Manage everything in a single workspace and deliver an enhanced client experience

Cut the time spent chasing client requests, questioning an engagement’s progress, or searching for data. With Auvenir, all the information your team and client needs is in one place.

Clients can securely access requests and assigned tasks so they know what’s expected of them, what items are outstanding, and add comments.

  • Eliminate wasted days chasing down clients for key documents
  • Work from a single solution without the need to switch from platform to platform
  • Easily track an engagement's progress in a single view
  • Showcase your brand with logo and colour customization
Features & Pricing
Client collaboration portal

Work from any location

Become remote-ready in minutes

Yesterday’s technology is not suited for today's world. The move to remote work emphasizes the need for cloud-based solutions. With Auvenir, your team can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud-based also means you know that you’re looking at the most up-to-date information, you reduce the risk of working with on-premise servers, and you never have to purchase costly-upgrades.

  • No need to work onsite - work from home, the office, or even the lake-house
  • Unlocks the ability for your firm to build a client base from anywhere, nationwide
  • Save time with minimal setup and ongoing maintenance
  • Simply log in and get started - create an engagement in minutes
Features & Pricing
Work from any location

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Smaller firms - we built this for you

Complexity tarnishes the engagement experience.
It wastes time, leaves room for human error and erodes profitability.
And unfortunately, most audit management software simply adds to this complexity.

Auvenir gives you the tools, guidance, and data-persistence needed to simplify your engagement. And as you know, a simpler engagement is a faster, higher-quality, and more efficient engagement.

We think that’s how you Audit Smarter™.