Why Innovation Matters for CPAs - And Why We Think They Can be Innovative

by Auvenir

Want a quick tour of some key innovation concepts?


Check out "A Delta Perspective to an Innovation Mindset” published by CPA Canada, featuring the work by Auvenir’s own Malik Datardina, CPA, CA, CISA.


The goal with this publication was to demystify concepts like, creative destruction, long-tail, as well as disruptive innovation a term coined by Clay Christensen. What underlies these concepts is not hashing algorithms, multitenant architectures, or another high-tech term, but a range of social and business realities harnessed by some of the most influential companies. The long-tail, for example, helps explain why Amazon is so success by monetizing “niche content through the economics of infinite shelf space.”


The paper also provides users with an over the Innovation Delta Model. The goal was to “...aid CPAs in rethinking how the profession looks at innovation by putting it in the context of delivering value to stakeholder.” The model provides a step-by-step process to from the hype to the value by identifying what’s “net new” with the innovation that is under analysis.


Ultimately, the goal is to help CPAs expand their thinking to adopt an innovation mindset. As Malik notes in the white paper, “CPAs need to look beyond the numbers and view innovation not simply as a new technology, but through a business lens and to understand its value-creation potential.”  


Do you want help developing a toolkit that helps you spot the next great business success for your firm? 

Visit CPA Canada’s website to download the whitepaper today and discover why CPAs should leverage their training and experience to assess the merits of a technological innovation methodically.