How does Auvenir help local firms adopt world-class auditing standards?

by Alexandra Romanet

Think global, act local.


At Auvenir, we are always on the hunt for ways to democratize technology for small to mid-size firms – through a strategic handshake.


Given that 65% of growing businesses are looking to accelerate their technology investments, Auvenir is constantly evaluating how we can bring world-class technology to audit and assurance SMBs internationally.


Our Customer Success Lead, Patrick McNeill, recently highlighted how user research has always been at the heart of Auvenir. And in every survey and research that we have conducted, it is clear that SMBs and larger firms actually have similar security, quality, and feature requirements when selecting a SaaS platform to deliver their audits, reviews, and compilations. The key – SMBs look for a solution that is right-sized for their unique needs.


And that’s why we take great care in selecting partners to join our ecosystem. Here are my top three table stakes when picking either a strategic partner, content provider or reseller:


The offering must be:


1) right-sized for our clients, both the features and price-point


2) integrated seamlessly into our platform, and


3) deliver maximum user impact while accommodating specific local needs.


As Pei Huang, our Director of Product, celebrated in her recent post – industry professionals are the ones that influence and shape our feature roadmap. Just recently, we launched fully digitized International Standards on Auditing (ISA) Engagement Forms developed by CPA Canada in our Auvenir platform so that practitioners globally can benefit from Auvenir’s simplified and streamlined solution to deliver their engagements.


According to the IFAC International Standards: 2019 Global Status Report, “more than 120 jurisdictions are adopting international standards that will ultimately facilitate a stronger global economy and greater transparency and accountability across all sectors.”


ISA Adoption Status

Source: IFAC-International-standards-2019-global-status-report.pdf


But we also understand that using the International Standards on Auditing Engagement Forms by CPA Canada in English might be a challenge where English is not an official or a business language. That’s where “think global, act local” comes in. To counter this challenge, Auvenir is committed to working closely with your firm to meet your unique needs and objectives, from local translation requirements to fully digitizing your existing firm guidance.



Do you have ideas of how we can deliver a unique experience for your firm through product integration or a strategic partnership? Let’s connect,


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Alexandra Romanet | Qualified in Accounting and Marketing with experience in audit innovation and strategic roles. Alexandra leads Auvenir’s Global Market Strategy and GTM efforts.

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