Auditor's dilemma: Disrupting ourselves first

by Auvenir

From Quartz - Panos Kakoullis, Global Audit & Assurance Business Leader at Deloitte shares the Auvenir story.

The startups are invading and it seems no organization is too big to fall. Unburdened by bureaucracy and the profit pressures that make many legacy companies risk averse, nimble startups have stormed the gates with fresh ideas that have disrupted the old way of doing things.

To compete—and even survive—some legacies have fallen back on the familiar, churning out shinier iterations of the things they’ve always made. But many would suggest that such an approach is not innovation. Rather, it is a trap for losing value. As the guru of disruption Clayton Christensen so famously pointed out in his 1997 book The Innovator’s Dilemma, “Smart companies fail because they do everything right.”

At Deloitte we refuse to fall into that trap: We aspire to be the global leader in Audit & Assurance. We are constantly asking ourselves how we can sharpen our competitive edge and develop a smarter audit. In one case, the answer led us to create our own venture… and disrupt ourselves.

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