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Webinar Recap: Can affordable tech help firms punch above their weight?

by Auvenir

Smaller to mid-sized firms have not always had the access to Fortune 500 technology. This has created a demand for progressive and unique technology solutions. However, with the ‘democratization of technology, small-mid-sized firms can now pursue new opportunities to enhance and optimize practices and procedures.


On Tuesday, October 19th, we teamed up with Sage, to host a session moderated by our own Malik Datardina, GRC Strategist, with guest speakers, Rachel Fisch, Chief Global Development Officer, High Rock Accounting, and Taimoor Tariq, Product Marketing Evangelist, Accountants, Sage.


The panel examined how firms can access affordable technology, and what to consider when evaluating a new platform. The speakers also reviewed how to handle change management when you implement new technologies and highlighted some of the benefits of using a Robust API platform.


In case you missed it, here is the recording of our webinar on, ‘Advancing Your Practice with Democratized Technology.’