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Auvenir’s intelligent cloud-based engagement platform selected by Audit New Zealand

by Auvenir

Auvenir, a SaaS-based and future-focused engagement management service provider, has announced its new contract with Audit New Zealand, which carries out public sector audits on behalf of New Zealand’s Auditor-General.


Keen to stay up to date with advances in technology and workflow management, Audit New Zealand conducted a robust review of the market for a working paper and engagement management software tool. “We were searching for a flexible partner and platform that can serve the needs of our auditors for the next decade and beyond. We are looking forward to working with Auvenir”, said Stephen Walker, Executive Director Audit New Zealand.


Auvenir’s automated workflows, driven by its unique content engine, and client collaboration tool allow for easy management of engagement files, from very basic files to the most complex engagements, providing a right-sized end-to-end process for documenting your work and supporting your opinions. The tool provides data persistence and visualizations with key information automatically flowing downstream to working papers, reducing the duplication of effort, and saving users time while increasing the quality of results.


“While maintaining bank-grade security, the Auvenir platform is designed to be highly adaptable, enabling the guided workflows to be updated by simply changing the content, and to plug in new capabilities from emerging technology. This ability to easily localize the solution is a perfect fit for the needs of public audit offices,” said Pete Myers, CEO of Auvenir. “We are delighted that Audit New Zealand recognized this fit, and we look forward to working with them long-term to bring an innovative, global industry-leading solution to the New Zealand market”, Myers added. 


About Auvenir:


Auvenir is an intelligent, cloud-based engagement platform that enables firms to leverage the best of today’s technology to create a better engagement experience for practitioners and their respective clients. Auvenir’s technology has been used on over 30,000 successful small to mid-sized client engagements to date and has several enterprise customers such as large accounting firms, public audit offices, and national associations that are building customized solutions on the platform.


About Audit New Zealand:


Audit New Zealand carries out annual audits of hundreds of public entities on behalf of the Controller and Auditor-General of New Zealand to give taxpayers and ratepayers assurance that public entities are appropriately reporting on how they spend public money and on the services they have provided.