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Auvenir partners with Validis to deliver powerful data ingestion capabilities for small to mid-size accounting firms

by Auvenir

Auvenir is excited to announce our partnership with Validis, an award-winning secure data ingestion platform that pulls your client's financial information in real-time, standardized for easy consumption. The partnership between Auvenir and Validis will integrate the Validis API solution within Auvenir’s platform to enable integrated access to client financial data creating a seamless end-to-end audit, review, compilation, and preparation process.


Validis currently supports a wide range of larger audit firms that use its platform to instantly access business data from major accounting packages. The integration to Auvenir’s workflow platform is designed to offer up this capability to the tens of thousands of small to mid-size accounting firms globally that are seeking to innovate their audit and assurance processes through a smart, scalable, cloud-based solution.


The latest integration will provide Auvenir platform users with granular level accounting data, including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, that can be refreshed throughout the year and made accessible directly through Auvenir’s workflow solution. For smaller firms, this will help streamline internal processes, improve the engagement experience, and deliver deeper financial reporting insights to their clients.


"We are delighted to partner with Validis leveraging their powerful API capabilities," said Alexandra Romanet, Director of Market Strategy and Partnerships at Auvenir. "Validis’ integration enables our customers to seamlessly pull ledger, sub-ledger, and transactional level data from the largest assortment of accounting packages in an easy-to-use module directly into Auvenir’s end-to-end workflow and reporting tools. We believe this will propel small to mid-size firms to deliver more efficiencies, higher quality, and a more enhanced experience for their clients.”


Jeff Gramlich, Managing Director Accounting at Validis, said “The Validis integration to Auvenir’s platform is very exciting, it will further enhance a sophisticated workflow platform and provide smaller audit firms with a powerful, ready-made solution that will replace manually driven data collection processes and analysis. Through Validis’ market-leading, API, Auvenir customers will have on-demand access to a vast amount of accounting data, all standardized and at a level of granularity not found elsewhere.  The partnership fits well into our vision and together, Validis and Auvenir are on a mission to help build a better, frictionless audit and assurance experience for auditors, their teams and their clients across the globe”.


Anyone interested to learn more about the partnership between Auvenir and Validis can contact Alexandra Romanet at and Jeff Gramlich at


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