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Auvenir integrates with CONFIRMATION, part of Thomson Reuters

by Auvenir

Auvenir is excited to announce a new partnership with Confirmation, part of Thomson Reuters.


This partnership brings together two experts in auditing technology – Auvenir, a cloud-based auditing platform for smaller firms, and Confirmation, a leading provider of confirmation services with over 1.5 million users worldwide.


Confirmation‘s platform allows all parties in the audit ecosystem to communicate with each other more quickly and securely. It reduces complexity in the confirmation process and brings greater integrity to the process of validating the cash, debt, receivables, and contingencies of an entity’s audited financials. Auvenir provides an enhanced client experience, by simplifying and streamlining the audit, review, and compilation process within a single intuitive solution.


“When you’re building an audit platform like Auvenir you always want to use best in class tools,” said Pete Myers, CEO of Auvenir. “In some cases, those tools already exist in the market. By integrating with Confirmation, we can provide value and efficiency to customers with high-quality tools. This integration fits well into the vision of our company.”


 The new integration includes:


  • Ability to link a Confirmation account to Auvenir

  • Seamless display of your Confirmation dashboard within your Auvenir engagement

  • Easy access to the Confirmation site

  • Ability to extract sample data from Auvenir into Confirmation templates


The integration between Auvenir working papers and the Confirmation service enables auditors to link their Confirmation account with their Auvenir account to display their Confirmation dashboard within Auvenir and make it visible to the entire audit team. Auditors can also download samples from an Auvenir working paper directly into a Confirmation Excel template, which saves time.


“The Confirmation integration into the Auvenir platform will transform the audit confirmation process for our shared customers," said Mark Portanova, Vice President of Global Sales at Confirmation. “This integration brings our market-leading solution to more Canadian auditors, who are now free to leave behind the dated, manual audit confirmation process and replace it with our modern solution.” Auvenir and Confirmation will continue to work together to deepen the integration between both systems in future releases.



Firms interested in more details about the partnership between Auvenir and Confirmation can contact our sales team for more information.


About Auvenir:

Auvenir delivers smart, cloud-based financial audit & assurance solutions designed specifically for small to medium-sized accounting firms.

We have built an intelligent platform that enables accounting firms to leverage the best of today’s technology to create a better engagement experience for practitioners and their clients.

We are on a mission to help everyone Audit Smarter.


About Confirmation

Confirmation, part of Thomson Reuters, is the digital platform and global network trusted by audit firms, banks, law firms, mortgage QC auditors and credit managers to quickly and securely verify financial data. Confirmation invented electronic confirmations 20 years ago, reshaping the audit confirmation process.

Confirmation helps millions of users across 170 countries confirm more than $1 trillion in financial data every year. The company has offices across the globe. For more information, visit