Why CPAs should expand into value added accounting services

by Auvenir

CPAs are constantly being told to evolve – but what is a starting point to begin road mapping for this evolution?


Increasingly accountants and bookkeepers are adopting new technologies that help drive innovation and that add value to their services. Exploring new opportunities to grow and expanding your services for your clients can provide new benefits to customers, as well as increase a firm’s revenue opportunities. 


Clients also expect CPAs to evolve and provide excellent customer service. This study shows that clients have shifting expectations for their accounting firms, and the survey results indicate that clients expect to pay “50% more for an accounting package that includes both strategic and consulting services and are willing to pay more each month for packaged services.”


For clients, selecting a firm that can provide extra services makes sense, and for firms, it is logical to leverage client relationships and examine the requests and requirements of your customers to ensure your firm is offering exceptional services. 


If you’re thinking about how you want to increase your client base and grow your services, Auvenir teamed up with Sage to host a live 1-hour webinar on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, at 11:00 AM PST/ 2:00 PM EST on ‘How to Grow Your Services with Your Customers.’


Our expert panelists included Tiffany Stewart, CPA, CMA, Cloud Accounting & Technology Consultant; Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA, Founder and CEO, RêveNew Practice Management & Founder, Talbot and Associates Chartered Professional Accountants; Kellie Parks, CPB, Saasy Accounting Coach, Calmwaters. This stimulating session was moderated by Tara Walker, Sales Director, Auvenir and Taimoor Tariq, Product Marketing Evangelist – Accountants, Sage.


If you missed our live webinar, you can check out this link to watch the replay here